Jointly meeting global challenges Annual report 2012

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1 January 2012 Networks

Cornelissen member of IWA Specialist Group Membrane Technology

Emile Cornellissen
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25 January 2012 BTO

More efficient use of activated carbon installations

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6 February 2012 BTO

Dealing with saline residual streams

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15 March 2012 BTO

Big step in research into pharmaceuticals in water

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3 May 2012 BTO

Design Honour Award for AiRO

De ontwikkelaars van AiRO (vlnr): Emile Cornelissen (KWR), Luisa Prista (European Commission, DG Research), Marcus Flick (Evides Industriewater)
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12 May 2012 BTO

AiRO – the technique

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23 May 2012 BTO

Bacteria help remove iron and manganese from groundwater

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14 June 2012 BTO

No chlorine taste thanks to biologically stable water

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2 July 2012 Research

Van Loosdrecht wins 2012 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize

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16 July 2012 Networks

Distinguished Researcher in South Australia

Samen met dr. Mike Dixon (SA water, nu NanoH2O in Los Angeles-VS) voor het SA Waterhuis in het hartje van Adelaide
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19 September 2012 Networks

Global Honour Award for Van Loosdrecht

IWA Award
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8 November 2012 Networks

European DEMEAU project kicks off

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