Jointly meeting global challenges Annual report 2012

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21 February 2012 BTO

Size of protection zones around water production areas is sufficient

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5 March 2012 Research

Von Asmuth receives doctorate for groundwater-level analysis

Von Asmuth promoveert op analyse grondwaterstanden
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25 March 2012 Networks

Strengthening the reliability of the Netherlands Hydrological Modelling Instrument

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22 April 2012 BTO

The impact of ATES on groundwater quality

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5 May 2012 BTO

What’s the impact of climate change on the water balance?

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18 May 2012 Research

Best paper at congress on Water, Climate and Energy

Beste paper congres 'Water, Climate and Energy'
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23 May 2012 BTO

Bacteria help remove iron and manganese from groundwater

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16 June 2012 Research

Nature restoration and the economy go hand-in-hand

Vergraste heide (door Pijpenstrootje) als gevolg van te hoge stikstofneerslag en verdroging.
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6 August 2012 BTO

Understanding the impact of seepage water on vegetation patterns in nature areas

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18 August 2012 BTO

Using genes to detect toxic substances

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22 November 2012 Research

Research prepares municipalities for new ground

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