Jointly meeting global challenges Annual report 2012


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KWR conducts research into the water cycle for a wide range of clients.

13 January 2012 BTO

Aquifer storage and recovery in saline underground

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2 February 2012 Research

Urban hydroinformatics: Using data smartly

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22 February 2012 Research

Preventing salinisation with the Fresh Keeper

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5 March 2012 Research

Von Asmuth receives doctorate for groundwater-level analysis

Von Asmuth promoveert op analyse grondwaterstanden
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15 March 2012 BTO

Big step in research into pharmaceuticals in water

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25 March 2012 Networks

Strengthening the reliability of the Netherlands Hydrological Modelling Instrument

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3 April 2012 Research

2011 Willem Koerselman Award for Witte

Flip Witte krijgt uit handen van naamgever en ex-collega Willem Koerselman de Willem Koerselmanprijs 2011
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12 May 2012 BTO

AiRO – the technique

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18 May 2012 Research

Best paper at congress on Water, Climate and Energy

Beste paper congres 'Water, Climate and Energy'
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28 May 2012 BTO

Easier determination of leakages and open boundary-valves

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16 June 2012 Research

Nature restoration and the economy go hand-in-hand

Vergraste heide (door Pijpenstrootje) als gevolg van te hoge stikstofneerslag en verdroging.
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2 July 2012 Research

Van Loosdrecht wins 2012 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize

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26 July 2012 Research

Unique collaboration reveals hard facts about European illicit drug use

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29 July 2012 Research

Sewage research provides reliable data

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10 August 2012 Research

Mapping out Hamburg’s water use

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13 August 2012 Research

Constant concern for the reuse of residuals

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19 September 2012 Networks

Global Honour Award for Van Loosdrecht

IWA Award
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23 September 2012 Research

Tracing bacteria with DNA techniques

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22 October 2012 Research

The waterboard is a Raw Materials Factory

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6 November 2012 Research

City Blueprint offers cities a yardstick

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22 November 2012 Research

Research prepares municipalities for new ground

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25 November 2012 BTO

Tracing nanoparticles in water and the environment

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1 December 2012 Organisation

Cornelissen and Harmsen win 2012 Willem Koerselman Award

Emile Cornelissen en Danny Harmsen zijn de winnaars van de Willem Koerselmanprijs 2012
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11 December 2012 Research

Unique phosphorus-recovery test at Schiphol

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17 December 2012 Research

Sustainable solutions in urban water management

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22 December 2012 Research

International implementation of the Fresh Keeper

Klaasjan Raat en Ate Oosterhof
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