Jointly meeting global challenges Annual report 2012


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Collaborating nationally and internationally with dozens of research partners.

1 January 2012 Networks

Cornelissen member of IWA Specialist Group Membrane Technology

Emile Cornellissen
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18 January 2012 Networks

Wim van Vierssen calls for flexible and high-quality water research

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25 March 2012 Networks

Strengthening the reliability of the Netherlands Hydrological Modelling Instrument

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22 April 2012 BTO

The impact of ATES on groundwater quality

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3 May 2012 BTO

Design Honour Award for AiRO

De ontwikkelaars van AiRO (vlnr): Emile Cornelissen (KWR), Luisa Prista (European Commission, DG Research), Marcus Flick (Evides Industriewater)
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15 May 2012 Networks

International recognition for the Fresh Keeper

De ontwikkelaars van de zoethouder
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4 June 2012 Networks

Kees van Leeuwen professor of ‘Water Management and Urban Development’

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6 June 2012 Networks

KWR and IWA to research the worldwide network of water professionals

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23 June 2012 Networks

Building an international competence centre

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16 July 2012 Networks

Distinguished Researcher in South Australia

Samen met dr. Mike Dixon (SA water, nu NanoH2O in Los Angeles-VS) voor het SA Waterhuis in het hartje van Adelaide
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17 July 2012 Networks

Wim van Vierssen member of Steering Group EIP on Water

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24 July 2012 Networks

TRUST, for sustainable urban water provision

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2 September 2012 Networks

Gertjan Medema is awarded as IWA Fellow

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15 September 2012 Networks

IWA 2012 Busan: Worldwide networking in Busan

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18 September 2012 Networks

KWR launches Watershare® at IWA Busan 2012

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19 September 2012 Networks

Global Honour Award for Van Loosdrecht

IWA Award
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20 September 2012 Networks

Keynote Wim van Vierssen: Does the water sector need a Higgs particle?

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17 October 2012 Networks

“A more rapid, complete and clear picture of current knowledge”

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28 October 2012 Networks

European experts train young scientist in sewage epidemiology

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3 November 2012 Networks

TKI Watertechnology under way

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8 November 2012 Networks

European DEMEAU project kicks off

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11 November 2012 Networks

“Stimulating collaboration in the water cycle”

Hans Huis in 't Veld
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25 December 2012 Networks

TAPES: Transnational Action Program on Emerging Substances

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