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11 April 2012Organisation

What’s it like to work at KWR? Two staff members of the Water Quality & Health Knowledge Group have the word.

Koen Zuurbier, Geohydrology team researcher:
“I’ve been working on my doctoral research here at KWR for almost three years now. While studying at VU University Amsterdam, my professor, who’s also connected to KWR, told me about the possibility of coming here. My response was enthusiastic because the subject of “fresh water” appeals to me greatly. It is a crucial issue for our future and it is one I am familiar with in practice: my parents have a greenhouse horticulture business and water supply was always a subject of conversation at home.”

“Now that I’ve been around KWR for a while, I’ve become increasingly involved in other projects apart from my doctoral work. The interaction between theory and practice is highly instructive: what I learn in my research I apply directly in other projects, while the questions that arise in practice influence the course of my research. My days are extremely varied: I work in the field and in the lab, I create models, write and talk with colleagues. All with the objective of bringing more knowledge to bear on practice – and of completing my thesis, of course!”

Frank Oesterholt and Koen Zuurbier

Frank Oesterholt and Koen Zuurbier

Frank Oesterholt, Industry, Wastewater & Reuse team senior researcher:
“Water has always interested me because of the importance of a good water provision for society. While working as a process technologist at a water company, I was always very proud of our end-product. What I like about working at KWR is that you’re closer to the decision-making, you’ve got more influence. You can really make a difference to companies and to the sector in general. Our team is relatively small, so that we all take part in the thinking and decision-making about projects. The subjects are varied and I have a lot of contact with clients.”

“For a number of years now I’ve been a member of the Works Council, something I’d recommend to anyone. You get to know the organisation a lot better, you know what’s going on and why. I still come to work every day with pleasure. The atmosphere in KWR and in our team is very good. In the future I’d like to do more research into Legionella. The paradox is that it seems difficult to find financing for such work, while society is paying a lot to reduce the supposed risks involved.”

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