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18 June 2012Organisation

What’s it like to work at KWR? Two staff members of the Water Quality & Health Knowledge Group have the floor.

Goffe Elsinga, Microbiology Laboratory analyst:

“I’ve only been working at KWR and in the water sector for a short while. Before, I was in the medical sector: I worked at a company that developed antibodies for infectious diseases. I immediately had a good feeling here. In the lab we work with a tight group of people who also get together in their free time. The work itself varies a lot. I am mainly interested in molecular techniques, which involve, for example, typifying different strains of a single bacteria species in water. This allows you to find out whether there are pathogenic strains present that have also been found in patients. With this work I therefore still make a contribution to public health.”

“What’s interesting here at KWR is that many different, and advanced, techniques are applied. Over time, I would like to master all the classical microbiological and molecular techniques that KWR uses. I also find collaborating with the researchers enjoyable and instructive. But I’m not only busy in the lab, I also process results, interpret them and participate in the thinking about the research.”

Edwin Kardinaal and Goffe Elsinga

Edwin Kardinaal and Goffe Elsinga

Edwin Kardinaal, Microbiology team leader and researcher

“I was a consultant and was collaborating with KWR on a project concerning the rapid detection of blue-green algae in surface water. During the project, I was struck by how much applied scientific research appealed to me. Shortly afterwards I was at work at KWR. What I find great are the subjects: they always change, no two projects are alike. So far, I’ve worked on relatively short research projects. I would like to conduct a very large European project on the subject of blue-green algae, other bathing water parameters and molecular techniques.”

“My job brings me into a lot of contact with clients. The combination of content and the professional side suits me well. I see it as one of my missions to draw the team into this process. We have a good team with a lot of potential. I expect we’ll be engaged in many interesting projects in the future, along with our colleagues in the microbiology lab with whom we collaborate closely. For example, we are currently working on projects – such as biological iron-removal and biological activity in drinking water in the distribution network – that can count on attracting the interest of the drinking water sector.”

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