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Van Loosdrecht wins 2012 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize

2 July 2012Research

Mark van Loosdrecht, professor at Delft University of Technology and KWR’s Principal Researcher, receives the 2012 Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize during the Singapore International Water Week. He is awarded the very prestigious prize for his research, among other things, on sustainable solutions in the field of wastewater treatment technology. “I want to keep contributing to the development of sustainable solutions that will protect the quality of our valuable water,” says Van Loosdrecht.

The Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize is an international award that recognises outstanding contributions towards solving global water problems. Van Loosdrecht is honoured primarily for his work on the development of an innovative biological process with which wastewater can be treated relatively cheaply and sustainably. This process, known as Anammox, reduces the amount of energy and chemicals used in the treatment process, as well as carbon dioxide emissions. At the core of the Anammox process is a group of bacteria which are capable of inverting ammonium into harmless nitrogen gas without using oxygen or other aids.


Besides Anammox, the award also honours Van Loosdrecht for the development of other technologies, such as Sharon, BABE and Nereda®. As in the case of Anammox, the core of the Nereda® process is also a group of micro-organisms. Nereda® technology is seen as an important new Dutch innovation and is on the verge of making an international breakthrough.

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