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Urban hydroinformatics: Using data smartly

2 February 2012Research

Urban Hydroinformatics is the field that concentrates on the effective unlocking, modelling and application of information and knowledge for the water sector.

Our society is increasingly characterised by ever-growing amounts of data and information. We know more and more, but we’re not always good at quickly determining the real value of our information. Under the term Urban Hydroinformatics, KWR bundles all of its knowledge development and application activities that apply information technologies to the water sector’s data-models-knowledge-decisions-effects chain. This leads, for example, to an integrated approach to issues concerning the urban water cycle, a subject that KWR is researching with partner institutes.


Combining Data

For Christos Makropoulos, of the National Technical University in Athens, “hydroinformatics presents a unique opportunity to combine different data streams to develop smarter services. Not only data on water demand, but also on energy consumption, as well as people’s opinions and attitudes toward water companies. These data can, for example, be obtained through social media.” KWR’s Chief Information Officer, Michiel Hootsmans, adds that “today’s issues demand that we use data smartly. This will give us better insight into our current and future options to achieve a sustainable water cycle.”

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