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TRUST, for sustainable urban water provision

24 July 2012Networks

KWR seeks out international collaborations in many fields. One of these collaborations is the TRUST project, in which partners work on new methods and techniques for the development of sustainable urban water policies.

The goal of TRUST (Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow) is to develop new methods and techniques to assist water companies formulate and implement sustainable urban water policies . TRUST is directed at all of the water cycle, taking into consideration questions of cost-effectiveness, performance, safety and sustainability, as well as the changing circumstances in Europe. “It is within TRUST that the City Blueprint has been developed, a method that assesses the sustainability of a city’s water system,” says Theo van den Hoven of KWR. “The method is applied to those cities participating in TRUST.”

31 partners

TRUST brings together 31 international partners. The project’s driver is the German IWW Rheinisch-Westfaelisches Institut fur Wasser. The Dutch TRUST partners, apart from KWR, which coordinates the project, are Waternet and Schiphol. The project started up in May 2011 and will run for four years.

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