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TKI Watertechnology under way

3 November 2012Networks

The new Top consortia Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) scheme comes into force with the objective of stimulating innovation and creating economic value from the knowledge developed. Within TKI Water Technology, KWR is one of the gateways for collaborative projects. Water companies, waterboards and municipalities approach KWR with research questions, and then collaborations are sought with suppliers and engineering firms. For 2013, 22 projects have been approved.

KWR is the gateway for research questions presented by public-sector end-users: water companies, waterboards and municipalities. Other TKI Water Technology “windows” are STW (scientific questions), Wetsus and TNO (business questions), and the SME window (coordination). The idea behind TKI is to get private businesses to work together with research organisations on demand-driven questions within the water cycle. This saves on costs and should lead to increased innovation and implementable knowledge. Companies that themselves want to invest in research and innovation, and want to receive TKI support, can approach one of the TKI Water Technology windows. For every euro the company invests, the government pays a TKI premium.

6 themes

The Programme Board has approved 22 projects for 2013, following consultations with businesses and the end-users. The projects fall under six themes:

One of the first projects to start the project of is, “Sustainable Airport Cities“. It’s aim is to  to recover phosphorus from wastewater at Schiphol.

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