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Een nieuw gebouw voor KWR  

New building’s draft design ready

10 May 2012

The first design phase of KWR’s new building is complete. The Design Team, consisting of the architect, contractor, builder and building physicist, has elaborated a draft design on the basis of the design brief. During the next design phase, the draft’s feasibility and advisability will be assessed.

In mid 2014 KWR will have a new office, built on its own site. A modern, multi-functional building that meets the latest sustainability and environmental-integration standards. A building that stimulates collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.


“One doesn’t build a new building just like that: one gives it considerable thought,” says KWR’s CEO Wim van Vierssen. “And that is what we have done, together with our shareholders and staff. With this new building we demonstrate that it is very possible for a knowledge institute to work in an entrepreneurial manner to meet public objectives.” Mireille Henst, Company Secretary at KWR, is the project leader for the new building. “It is truly inspiring to be given the opportunity to lead this project for KWR,” she says. “Our staff includes so many experts that we’re not just another client, but one that itself searches for the best solutions in the new building.”

Sustainability plays a key part in the building’s specifications. “The new building will use 30% less drinking water, discharge 60% less wastewater and consume 60% less energy,” says Jos Boere, chairperson of KWR’s Sustainability working group. Other items in KWR’s design specifications include those for the laboratories .
View the interactive presentation of the draft design by the cepezed architects.

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