Jointly meeting global challenges Annual report 2012

Een nieuw gebouw voor KWR 

New building’s final design ready

8 October 2012Organisation

In the autumn of 2012 the final design of KWR’s new building is completed. It embodies the key concepts of sustainability, transparency, collaboration and dynamism.

In the design by architects cepezed energy-use is cut by 60%. A number of energy-saving features have been included to achieve this:

Water use

KWR researchers use about 100 m3 of drinking water every working day. Most of this water is used in conducting (technological) tests, washing and rinsing glassware, and producing demiwater, or demineralised water. Water consumption in the new building will be cut by 25 % thanks to:


This will also reduce KWR’s wastewater discharge by 60%.

Materials and design

Sustainability has also been a prime consideration in the choice of materials. Cepezed’s design is based on the IFD – Industrial, Flexible and Demountable – building system, and makes extensive use of glass. Both these elements enhance the building’s sustainability. Moreover, the glass creates a bright, welcoming working environment, which stimulates collaboration. The green surroundings are visible from every workplace. The central, stepped atrium connects the building’s two bays and floors, and also serves as a meeting space.

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