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KWR launches Watershare® at IWA Busan 2012

18 September 2012Networks

Making water-related expert tools available to the water sector and to society: that is KWR’s aim as it launches Watershare® during the IWA World Water Congress in Busan.

Governments the world over bear the responsibility of supplying their populations with safe drinking water and treating their sewerage and wastewater appropriately. But in many countries the water sectors charged with these tasks are very fragmented. Within Watershare®, knowledge institutes from different countries share their expertise, experience and networks, and thus work together in promoting societies that are healthy and sustainable.

KWR, on the basis of its 40 years’ history developing collective knowledge in the public water sector, is the initiator of Watershare®. For KWR manager Idsart Dijkstra “Watershare® offers selected knowledge institutes the tools with which they can develop solutions for the large, complex and frequently global challenges confronting the water sector – challenges like climate change, sustainability and urbanisation. With Watershare® these institutes are in a position to better serve their end-user clients – such as water companies, utilities, municipalities and waterboards – so that these, in turn, can effectively meet the water needs of the people living in their areas.”

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