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IWA 2012 Busan: Worldwide networking in Busan

15 September 2012Networks

A delegation from KWR and the Dutch water companies travels to Busan, South Korea, for the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition. KWR’s striking exhibition stand attracts numerous visitors.

After Vienna (2008) and Montreal (2010), KWR is again present at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Busan, from 16 to 21 September. This global event is known for its coverage of a wide range of water sector issues, and as a gathering for a huge number of experts who come to share their knowledge through lectures, workshops, keynote speeches and poster presentations. A large number of KWR researchers present the results of their current work, and CEO Wim van Vierssen delivers his keynote speech on collaboration in the water sector.

Meeting and connecting

KWR’s spacious exhibition stand is designed to stimulate encounters and promote discussions about collaboration opportunities. It is the stand’s height – an elliptical “lampshade”, measuring almost 8 metres, rises above it – that most attracts the public’s attention. The shade symbolises the launching of Watershare® , the product of 40 years of collective knowledge development in the public water sector.

Sharing networks

During the KWR-Vewin diner the KWR delegation enjoys the company of about a hundred international water leaders at the traditional VEWIN KWR dinner party. At the occasion of this IWA congress in the Cine de Chef restaurant in Busan. Apart from its professional pride, the Dutch water sector also shares its network with friends from the international water community. In an excellent atmosphere of companionship the conversation is very animated, not in the least because of a number of short inspiring intermezzo’s by Pavel Kabat (director IIASA), Tomas Michel (Suez and president of WssTP), Theo Schmitz (director VEWIN) and Mrs. Park Eun-Kyung, Korean ambassador for Water Resources.

Historical ties

It goes without saying that the historical ties between Korea and the Netherlands are mentioned. The most famous Dutchmen in Korea are Hendrick Hamel, an East India Company bookkeeper who was shipwrecked off the coast of Korea in 1653, and soccer coach Guus Hiddink with a, by now, almost mythical status. His coaching strategy and philosophies are characterized here as having mantralike qualities. Korean people even refer to this as the “Hiddink syndrome”. Hopefully our water sector will gain similar appreciation in due time. Indeed, a very enjoyable evening, deepening the friendship between two water-innovative nations.

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