Jointly meeting global challenges Annual report 2012


International recognition for the Fresh Keeper

15 May 2012Networks

KWR, along with Vitens and Brabant Water, receives an Honour Award from the International Water Association (IWA) for its Fresh Keeper research. The Honour Awards are granted every two years for innovative research projects in the field of (drinking) water. KWR is doubly acclaimed: the AiRO concept, developed jointly with Evides Industriewater, also receives an Honour Award.

De ontwikkelaars van de zoethouder

The Fresh Keeper developers. Back row, from left to right: Martijn Groenendijk (Brabant Water), Stephan van de Wetering (Brabant Water), Nico Wolthek (Vitens). Foreground left: Klaasjan Raat (KWR), right: Ate Oosterhof (Vitens)

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