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Een nieuw gebouw voor KWR 

Design and layout of technical spaces decided

19 December 2012Organisation

After the good preparatory work done by the Technical Spaces working group – a team of KWR staff with practice knowledge – the design and layout of KWR’s new laboratories is decided.

The new laboratories’ design and layout is clever and personal

Edward de Vette, from the lab specialist firm S+B, is commissioned to flesh out the design and layout of the laboratories, in part because he and his colleagues, according to Ronald Italiaander of KWR’s Technical Spaces working group , “know how to come up with clever solutions”. When asked for an example, De Vette says: “We have devised various handy solutions. You’ll find them in both big and small things. The large and small hoses used in labs take up a lot of space. Our solution is to make a walk-in cabinet for them. We’ve also done everything possible to reduce the noise nuisance caused by the machines. But space for tables and cabinets is also important.”



Through their critical line of questioning, de Vette and his team stimulated the KWR staff members to think about their work processes and what their ideal work setting might be. “You get used to doing things in a particular way, because that’s the way you’ve always done them. We pushed ahead with our questions until they freed themselves from their habitual way of thinking and turned their minds to how they would wish things to be done.”

S+B were brought in early during the building’s draft design phase to formulate the requirements and wishes regarding the labs. This makes a lot of sense. “In many cases,” says De Vette, “the lab design is dealt with at a later stage of the process. Companies that do this can find that they end up paying more for this item. By starting at such an early stage and cleverly considering our approach, we can save on costs.”



Until recently, laboratories were “bland, technical spaces,” according to De Vette. But here, too, things have changed. More and more companies realise that their staff members must also feel that the laboratories are pleasant spaces, if they are to work well in them. De Vette has translated KWR’s identity into clean-line, functional and minimalistic furnishings. “The same style is found in the rest of the building. Since the KWR identity and character is present even in its labs, the working environment is more personal and people feel at their ease in it.”

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