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Eeen nieuw gebouw voor KWR 

Calm and comfort in a green environment

26 September 2012

Architects Fokkema & Partners are commissioned to design the interior of KWR’s new building. Interior architect Diederik Fokkema has succeeded in combining the human warmth of KWR’s staff with the abstraction of science.

A calm environment helps people work in a concentrated fashion

This is how Fokkema explains his vision: “My design is founded on what KWR does and what KWR is: people who work in a technical, scientific process. The warmth of the people and the hardness of the process are reflected in the choice of materials. The basis is quite hard, with a castfloor, a vinyl floor that is cast manually. It is slip- and scratch-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. It has a couple of other good features, such as its technical allure. And the human warmth you experience when you touch the wood of the desks.” He has been restrained when it comes to colours. “The natural tones radiate a sense of calm and comfort. A calm, friendly and ordered environment helps people work in a concentrated fashion.”


There are various types of workspaces: several desks in a single space, silent workspaces, small meeting rooms and an area for informal conversation at the kitchenette .
“The furnishings are the same for all the workspaces,” says Fokkema. “This is also for the sake of calmness. Variety you’ll find in the atrium: small tables to sit at, comfortable lounge chairs and large couches.” It is a free-standing building set in a green environment. “Every workstation is in contact with nature. Calm, comfort and friendliness: they’re omnipresent.”

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