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“A more rapid, complete and clear picture of current knowledge”

17 October 2012Networks

Within Watershare® knowledge institutes worldwide share their expertise, experience and networks in the fields of healthy drinking water, sustainability, water technology and water-system and asset management. Among the Watershare® sharing mechanisms is its online tool suite. The Belgian VITO, a technology research centre and one of the first Watershare® partners, is enthusiastic about the exchange of tools. “This used to happen before,” says VITO Director, Roger Dijkmans, “but it was often on an ad hoc basis. Watershare® aspires to give the exchange process more structure and quality.”

Just like KWR – the initiator of Watershare® – VITO is a proponent of the development of international knowledge networks and of tackling water sector problems with a collaborative, cross-border approach. The Watershare® concept fits in nicely here,” says Dijkmans. “When a research group is seeking a solution to a problem, it can search the knowledge network for a tool that might help. Thanks to Watershare®, it can get a more rapid, complete and clear picture of the existing tools. This helps us to better answer our research questions and those of our clients in Belgium.”


Structure for knowledge sharing

The Norwegian SINTEF is also a Watershare® partner. For Torstein Haarberg, Executive Vice President, “the Watershare® decision-support tools are extremely user-friendly and plainly evidence the knowledge and expertise that KWR has in-house in the different fields.” Seockheon Lee, head of the Center for Water Resource Cycle in South Korea, became more closely acquainted with Watershare® during a visit to KWR. “A well organised structure for knowledge sharing between countries is very important. It’s good to see that KWR is taking a leading role in this.”

Give and take

One of the Watershare® tools that VITO wants to apply is the Groundwater Monitor. “This tool clearly has a number of advantages compared to our own instruments,” says Dijkmans. “On the other hand, we also have developed tools that we could add to Watershare® in the future.” Lee also sees possibilities in this regard: “Real sharing is a two-way street. It is not only a matter of transmitting knowledge, but also of receiving feedback: of give and take. If you organise that well, then I see Watershare® as a truly attractive concept.”

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